The purpose of the Postgraduate Diploma in Estate Planning is to enable working professionals in the financial planning industry to undertake advanced reflection and development by means of current thinking, practice and literature review in Estate Planning. The qualification demands a high level of theoretical engagement and intellectual independence, as well as the ability to relate knowledge to a range of contexts in estate planning, trusts, taxation of trust and administration of estates in order to undertake professional or highly-skilled work in Estate Planning.

The programme is comprised of a focused curriculum to prepare the student for a career in Estate Planning. The curriculum includes three topic areas ranging from estate planning, administration of estates and trusts and the taxation of trusts. Mastering of the curriculum will provide students with the ability to evaluate and apply complex estate planning principles in a holistic financial planning process, when implementing advice or at the administration of an estate at death. In-depth understanding of estate planning and trust principles will be gained enabling the qualifying student to work in today’s professional world of financial planning. The programme emphasises competence, integrity, and application of ethics in a professional environment. The successful student will gain a holistic estate planning perspective and an in-depth understanding of estate planning which will provide them with a competitive advantage for employment in the financial planning industry.

Admission requirements: A NQF level 7 qualification with a financial planning module at NQF level 7 or a NQF level 7 qualification with relevant financial planning experience.

Meeting recommended minimum admission requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the programme as all students will be subjected to a selection process as determined by the Department of Finance and Investment Management.

In addition to the minimum admission requirements as outlined above, prospective students may be required to write a skill’s assessment to ensure that they meet the minimum skills requirement for the Postgraduate Diploma in Estate Planning.

Contact details: Ms Roxanne Andrew / 011 559 4926 /


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ก.พ. 2020
Start Date
ก.พ. 2020

ก.พ. 2020

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