The economic challenges and responsibilities that South Africa is facing with, require management development within the context of unique and often fluctuating circumstances. Not only does this programme meet this important requirement, but it has been constructed in such a way that both the employer and employee will reap the benefits of the programme without being unduly inconvenienced. We believe that one should first be able to manage oneself before one can manage other people. For this reason, self-development is a very important part of the programme.

Leadership is something that can be acquired by everyone, and the objective of this programme is to help develop these properties in every student enrolled in the programme.


Supervisors and potential first-level managers with a minimum of 2 years’ supervising experience and/or a manager’s recommendation.


The duration of the programme is approximately 8 months and the lectures are presented over 15 lecture days.

Lecturing times are from 08:15 to 16:30. Lecture days exclude the days on which the examination for each module will take place.

Language Medium

Discussions and assignments will be conducted and written in English.


Evaluation will take place continuously. This includes assignments and personal learning experiences which will contribute towards a final portfolio of evidence.

Program taught in:

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หลักสูตรนี้ Campus based
Start Date
ก.พ. 2019
ม.ค. 2020