In today's competitive and demanding business-to-business markets, executives responsible for marketing their company's industrial goods and services must successfully anticipate potential competitive responses to their actions while defining a marketing strategy that attracts and maintains their most profitable clientele. In a globalizing business-to-business marketplace, this is the challenging but crucial task at hand.

Marketing Strategy in Business Markets is a challenging three-day programme that provides its participants with cutting edge frameworks, perspectives and techniques to manage their product and service offerings in the non-consumer marketplace. The programme focuses on the global business-to-business market, meeting the challenges presented to contemporary marketers across a broad spectrum of industries. By encouraging its participants to anticipate potential competitive responses to their actions, this programme will help them develop effective marketing strategies for the long term and think about their company’s marketing tactics on four levels: markets, customers, segments, and technology.

The programme features several stimulating modules that address numerous issues of concern to business marketers. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Global Market Overview and Implications
  • Strategic Innovation in Business Markets
  • Managing Customers
  • Understanding and Measuring Customer Value in Industrial Markets
  • Bringing New Technology to Market
  • Moving from Products to Solutions and Added Value Selling
  • Developing New Communication Techniques in Business-to-Business Markets
  • The Impact of Supply Chain Management


Marketing Strategy in Business Markets focuses on providing its participants winning techniques and skills for building effective business-to-business marketing strategies.

Participants develop a sound understanding of how to:

  • Transform marketing strategy into winning business marketing tactics.
  • Offer value that exceeds customer expectations.
  • Build a firm foundation in the specifics of business-to-business markets.
  • Analyze the entry to new markets and evaluate the existing ones.
  • Perceive a global overview of strategic market potential.
  • Exploit the impact of new technologies and processes on business-to-business markets.
  • Develop and manage a winning portfolio of products and services.
  • Make the transition from products to solutions and added value selling.
  • Examine marketing channels based on customer needs.

Target audience

This programme has been designed for mid- and senior-level executives having direct implications in their firms' marketing and sales responsibilities.

The target market for this programme are medium and large companies from a broad spectrum of business-to-business organizations such as industrial product manufacturers and business service providers.

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