Online Associate Degree in Criminal Justice

The field of Criminal Justice centers on the control of criminal behavior in the maintenance of public order. The Associate of Science in Criminal Justice degree program includes mastering the basic concepts of the primary functions of law enforcement, prosecution, trial, handling evidence, crime scene investigation and associated responsibilities. In addition, the program covers such skills as the secure management, safe keeping, and control of suspects and inmates, which must be performed in a humane manner in compliance with the constitutional standards. The Associate degree prepares students to think critically about issues such as criminology, administration, criminal investigation, evidence and procedures.

Potential Careers

  • Students who earn an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice typically pursue these careers
  • Police Patrol Officer
  • Deputy Sheriff
  • Transit Police
  • Dispatchers

Program Objectives

This degree is designed to provide students a framework in basic criminal justice concepts and skills. Upon successful completion of the program, students will have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to:

  1. Explain the scientific study of crime, criminals, the law-making process, the criminal justice system and the treatment of offenders.
  2. Develop critical thinking, analytical and interpersonal skills applicable to real-world problems.
  3. Implement solutions for law enforcement, criminal investigation, and management and administration of criminal justice related activities.
  4. Prepare students to enroll into the next four semesters of an ALU Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Legal Studies or other related degree program.
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