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MYChineseStudy is one of the top private Chinese language institutes in Beijing, People’s Republic of China, currently providing Mandarin education programs and cultural activities to scholars worldwide. Whether you aim to learn and master the Chinese language system, explore China with a summer course, discover tips about Chinese comprehension skills, or immerse yourself in the grand society, MY Chinese Study will greet and meet you at least halfway to exceed your personal development desires and demands. Starting in 2013, MY Chinese Study and ChinaMate Mandarin Club have forged a comprehensive strategic partnership. We Introduce ChinaMate Mandarin oral material alongside its latest patent “Hypnotic and Awakening” approach to Chinese teaching. Teacher training & Multi-media, dual classes’ education model, thoroughly surpasses the traditional teaching formats and helps non-native Chinese linguists fluently speak Chinese at fastest within 3 months. To best suit your learning style, both private lessons, and group study sessions are available. Specialized courses in survival Chinese, HSK, and business Chinese provide you in-depth insight into Chinese wisdom, customs, culture, history, and contemporary business practices. Joining our frequent cultural activities, social events, and day trips in and outside Beijing, will expand your senses, contacts, and horizons in China. You and MY Chinese Study can begin our journey of Chinese enlightenment the moment you set foot in the nation’s capital. MYChineseStudy’s first Chinese language school is centrally located in Sanlitun SOHO, an area famous for its lively international atmosphere next to Sanlitun bar street, DeYun She, Yashow Clothing Market, and embassy district. It is the place to experience modern Chinese lifestyle, and conveniently balance training and leisure time with excitement! Now MY Chinese Study teaches in Beijing CBD, Anzhen Bridge, and SHANGDI Information Technology Industry Base. Chinese learners can choose class location appropriate to their situation. MY Chinese Study offers a full range of, beginner to expert, educational services that include Chinese courses, online Chinese study, cultural activities, study tours and summer courses. We can also facilitate your time in China by providing visa extensions, residential services, internship placements, accommodation, airport pick-ups, and more to enhance your studies and life in China. MY Chinese Study, ready to extend guidance, companionship, and help, welcomes you into the family to continue growing. Reduce your stress, culture shock, and miscommunications in China right now. Let’s promptly begin and succeed in the educational journey to build genuine Chinese charisma, character, and connections with correct communications. “Languages Open Your World,” captivatingly create more opportunities in the People’s Republic of China with MYChineseStudy, 麦芽汉语.



Rm.3-323, 3/F, Retail Building No.3,
Sanlitun SOHO, 8 Gongtibeilu,
Chaoyang District

100027 ปักกิ่ง, ปักกิ่ง, ประเทศจีน


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